Martha Elena Flores Cura: Continental Lost My Husband's Body!

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Every now and then news comes about that airlines have lost a traveler's pet or Miranda Kerr's wedding gown, but this is one extreme we were not expecting: a Monterrey, Mexico woman is suing Continental Airlines for misplacing her dead husband's body, the Monitor reports.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Martha Elena Flores Cura and her niece, Ludivina Rivera, claim Continental Airlines lost the remains of her common-law husband, Humberto Rivera, while transporting his casket from Atlanta to McAllen airport in Texas in August 2009.

The family's lawyer, Javier Villareal, told the paper: "The family was obviously very upset. Not only do they have to deal with the loss of their (relative), but these guys were looking for the body to see what happened to it after it was delivered."

Rivera claims she hired a man to pick up her uncle's body at McAllen airport and drive it to Monterrey for the funeral. His body was meant to be flown on August 21, 2009. But the hired driver was told by the Atlanta funeral home where Rivera's body was held that the flight had been postponed three days.

When the driver met with a Continental representative the day before Rivera's remains were due to be flown, he was told that someone else had already picked up the body. The lawsuit claims that "Continental advised (the driver) that the body was missing and that it was not Continental's problem."

The hired driver filed a report with local police on August 24th, three days after the original flight. Less than twelve hours later, Rivera's remains were located at a Brownsville funeral home and were returned to Continental.

The family's lawyer, who refused to provide the dollar amount being sought in the suit, told the paper:"You can imagine the toll that would be on a family where a loved one was supposed to be delivered. It's very disturbing."

A hearing is set for June 8th.

Continental Airlines did not return calls by AOL Travel for comment.

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