Mario Batali Cooks Up the Best Job Ever!

Mario Batali If you like to spend all your time around great food and great friends, world-renowned chef and restaurateur Mario Batali has the perfect job for you. He's looking for a media production coordinator to work alongside him as he runs his restaurant empire and expands his TV presence. His most recent foray into television is ABC's 'The Chew,' a new daytime food-oriented talk show that will help fill the gap of recently canceled soap operas.

To get the job, "You don't necessarily need to be a chef, but you do need to have a knowledge of food, and the pop culture of food," explained Batali in an exclusive interview with AOL. "There are a thousand different ways to approach this position, and I need someone can come in and make it their own." He adds that you can be from anywhere, and of any age, but you must be able to legally work in the U.S., and be willing to move to New York, where he is based.

Specifically, "The media production coordinator will redefine the traditional production coordinator role as he or she aids Mario in all activities relating to upcoming media (TV) and new media (Web-based) projects. This individual will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work side by side with both Mario Batali and his team, assisting in all aspects of production including research, logistics and frequent travel, and in the process, learning from a visionary talent. This is an ideal job for anyone who wants to break through in new media and shares Mario's passion for food, wine and travel," says a release from, which is powering the search.

A good part of the job will involve social networking -- reaching out to fans and followers via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, foursqaure, GPS-based social media, etc. "You can be a techie, but you don't have to be a super techie," he explains. "Someone who can get different, interesting images with a Flip cam." But you also must have great chemistry with Batali and his staff, have good energy and verbal skills, and be a real people person.

Batali's interests reach far and wide, what with the 16 restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Singapore; eight cookbooks: television shows including the ever-popular 'Iron Chef America'; add the Mario Batali Foundation with the mission of feeding, protecting, educating and empowering children.

"This is an amazing time for us and we have several projects going on at any given time, and therefore it is imperative that the person who joins our close-knit team has the right personality and skill set," said Batali, adding that his company, which already employs 2,800 people, will need help opening three new restaurants in the next nine months, in San Diego, Newport Beach, Calif., and Westport, Conn.

There will be an additional 200 new jobs created for those restaurants as well, says Batali, who notes that the restaurant industry, and his business in particular, is making a comeback after being flat for the last couple of years. He says that the lean times have been good for the restaurant industry, in that they have encouraged workers to stay put, rather than jump from position to position, and really learn and grow in one place. "It's helped build long-term players," he says.

Could that be a hint that he's looking for a media production coordinator with a resume that shows stability, loyalty and dependability? You can find more hints about exactly what he's looking for on his guest blog at

This is no mere celebrity internship, like some of the others we've mentioned. It's a full time, contract position, so the length is indefinite. They're not disclosing the pay at this point, but they say it's "commensurate with similar positions at the company." Also, you don't have to submit a video explaining why you're perfect for the job, and tell them how many Facebook friends and Twitter followers you have -- just a resume and cover letter will do the trick.

If you think you have what it takes, you can visit to apply. But you'd better hurry, because applications are being accepted May 27 through June 13, 2011 via They expect to announce the hiring of a final candidate on approximately July 25, 2011.

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