FrontierVille Trouble on the Trail Goals: Everything you need to know

McBaggins FamilyCan you hear it? That's the call of destiny--Manifest Destiny, to be exact. The Oregon Trail is almost upon us in FrontierVille, and Zynga is slowly releasing a massive set of 12 Goals to send us off. The McBaggins family has stumbled onto your homestead with dashed hopes and a broken wagon, and it's up to you to help them get back on their feet and onto the Trail.

Ma McBaggins will soon leave you a letter explaining her family's plight, and will later offer one Goal daily for 12 days to help them. It's sort of like the 12 Days of Christmas Goals, only with something far cooler waiting on the other side. Join us behind the break for a full guide on how to complete all 12 Goals and reach the Oregon Trail.

Frontier Jack Letter
Once you agree to help Ma McBaggins and her family, your homestead will expand to display the whole miserable gang. Click on the family and a window containing all 12 Goals will appear. However, only one Goal will become available daily, though you don't need to complete them in succession. Complete all 12 Goals and you'll earn your very own Conestoga Wagon and a map to the trail. In other words, it looks like there's no other around it: You'll have to finish these Goals to get to the Oregon Trail expansion content.

Trouble on the Trail Part I of XII

  • Harvest 10 Crops on Your Homestead
  • Tend 10 Apple Trees on Your Homestead
  • Tend 10 Sheep on Your Homestead

It seems that harvesting any crop counts toward this Goal, so just plant 10 Clovers and call it a day. If you don't have 10 Sheep or 10 Apple Trees, they cost 280 and 800 coins, respectively.

Trouble on the Trail Part II of XII

  • Clear 20 Debris on Your Homestead
  • Collect 12 Dead Bugs (These will be consumed)
  • Tend 40 Pigs on Your Homestead

The 12 Dead Bugs don't seem to exist yet in FrontierVille, so we're going to assume this is an item you'll need to collect from friends through the Goal window. Tending 40 Pigs will take some time, but if you're loaded, it'll cost you 14,600 coins to complete this requirement almost instantly.

Ma McBaggins
Trouble on the Trail Part III of XII

  • Collect 3 Building Bonuses
  • Chop Trees 15 Times on Your Homestead
  • Visit Eight Neighbors

All of this is pretty self-explanatory, but remember that you can grab some Sharp Axes from leveling up in Mafia Wars. That is, if you're up to being apart from the homestead for a while.

Trouble on the Trail Part IV of XII

  • Tend 20 Neighbor Crops
  • Collect 12 Gnawed Bones (These will be consumed)
  • Tend 20 Neighbor Sheep

The 12 Gnawed Bones are likely another item to be requested from friends. As for the other two requirements, we're sure you can finish that in a day's worth of Neighbor visits. Otherwise, find some friends in the comments!

Trouble on the Trail Part V of XII

  • Clobber 3 Groundhogs
  • Clobber 1 Bear
  • Harvest 10 Peaches

To make sure Groundhogs pop up even more quickly, plant and harvest lots of Potatoes. All you can do to attract the Bear is chop those trees down. As for the Peaches, we're going to assume this was meant to say, "Tend to 10 Peach Trees," as these are not crops in the game.

Broken Down Wagon
Trouble on the Trail Part VI of XII

  • Purchase 5 Meals from the Market
  • Hire 5 Friends on Your Homestead
  • Collect 12 Prospectin' Gear (These will be consumed)

At the very least, buying five Meals from the Market will cost 300 Food, so be prepared. Hiring friends is as easy as clicking on their portrait on the Friends bar and choosing "Hire." However, you can only hire two friends at a time, so this Goal is going to take at least two days. The Prospectin' Gear is likely another friend request item.

Trouble on the Trail Part VII of XII

  • Tend 25 Neighbor Cows
  • Tend 15 Neighbor Oxen
  • Craft 5 Sawhorses (These'll be used up to complete the mission)

Unless all of your friends have loads of Cow and Oxen, this Goal could easily take a few days. To craft the five Sawhorses, you'll need to have at least the Barn finished, as it's your workbench for this crafted item. To finish all five, you'll need 25 Planks and 10 Tools. The Planks are crafted using Wood and coins in the Wagon, and Tools are acquired by being hired or posting them your Wish List.

Trouble on the Trail Part VIII of XII

  • Harvest 30 Peppermint
  • Clear 15 Wildflowers
  • Collect 20 Glass Vials (These'll be used up to complete the mission)

The 30 Peppermint is going to cost you a total of 6 thousand coins, while finding 15 Wildflowers will prove to be much more difficult. To increase your chances of finding them, check out this guide. As for the 20 Glass Vials, they're found through posting to the News Feed.

Trouble on the Trail Part IX of XII

  • Have 500 Food (This will be consumed)
  • Sell 25 Fully Grown Pigs
  • Craft 10 Cakes (This will also be consumed)

Now things get serious. After spending at least 300 Food, you'll have to amass 500 more, only for it to be spent completing this Goal. To sell 25 fully grown Pigs, it will cost you at least 9,125 coins. In order to craft 10 Cakes, you will need to have finished the Inn, which is the Workbench for this item. Then, you'll need a total of 20 Fire and 40 Batter. The Fire is crafted in the Wagon using Wood and Cloth, and 20 of them would call for 140 Wood and 50 Cloth. The 40 Batter requires even more Food, 800 to be exact. In other words, start conserving your Energy.

Trouble on the Trail
Trouble on the Trail Part X of XII

  • Craft 12 Clothing (This will be consumed)
  • Craft 4 Comforters (This will also be consumed)
  • Collect 20 Heavy Boots (All items will be donated to complete the mission)

To craft the Clothing and Comforters, you will need at least the basic Cabin. But to make 12 pieces of Clothing, you will need at least 72 Cloth and 6 thousand coins. If you own the recent Ponderosa Lodge, cut those figures in half. The Comforter requires a finished Chicken Coop as the Workbench, and four of them will cost 60 more Cloth and 4 Downy Feathers, which are part of the Chicken Coop and Goose Collections. The 20 Heavy Boots will likely be yet another item to request from your friends.

Trouble on the Trail Part XI of XII

  • Tend 30 Neighbor Pigs
  • Harvest 30 Corn on Your Homestead
  • Revive 20 Withered Crops on Your Neighbor's Homestead

To harvest 30 Corn, you will need at least 6,750 coins and 12 hours to spare. As for the other two requirements, just let the generosity begin.

Trouble on the Trail Part XII of XII

  • Clobber 8 Bears
  • Craft 5 Powder Kegs (This will be consumed)
  • Collect 20 Huntin' Knives (This will also be consumed)

Those eight clobbered Bears could easily deforest your homestead with how rare they are, so consider planting some Trees from the Market first. To create five Powder Kegs, you will need the Foundry finished and ready to go. Then, collect five Saltpeter by turning in the Manure Collection five times. To craft the 25 Fire needed for these Powder Kegs, bring 175 Wood and 125 Cloth to the Wagon and craft away. All things considered, you're going to have to earn your place in the Oregon Trail.
[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Forums]

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