FrontierVille Oregon Trail Collection: Help the McBaggins family to receive Leather Pelt


As we told you earlier today, you now have a new visitor on your Homestead in FrontierVille - the McBaggins are stranded and need your help getting back to the Oregon Trail. Through a series of daily missions, you'll be able to earn the Conestoga Wagon, granting you extra storage while on the Oregon Trail, along with earning a series of five new items for this Oregon Trail collection.

Here's what to keep an eye out for when trying to complete this collection:

Farmer's Almanac
Sewing Kit
Spare Parts
Driver's Hat
Trail Map

When you finish this collection, you'll receive the Branded Leather Pelt item. There's no experience point reward with this one, but just its launch in the game has me super excited. The Oregon Trail is so close I can almost taste it, in all of its dusty, dry glory. Am I the only one that's super stoked about finally breaking out of the Homestead and traveling farther west?

What do you think of the 12 Oregon Trail missions and this new collection? Are you as excited for the new "expansion" as I am? Let us know in the comments.