CityVille Eating Contest Goals: Everything you need to know

What better way to celebrate the start of Spring than to stuff your mouth silly, eating anything and everything in site? Ok, so maybe that doesn't exactly scream of a Spring-like activity (maybe Summer, if you're an American), but either way, Zynga has decided to celebrate gluttony with a new goal series in CityVille, beginning with a quest called "Eating Contest."

As you might have guessed, Eating Contest deals with food, with you having to plant two crops to complete this first quest:

Ask friends for 3 Napkins
Harvest 40 Strawberries
Harvest 25 Corn

At least the napkins are a nice touch - we won't look completely sloppy while stuffing our faces. As for the crops, you'll be able to harvest Strawberries after just five minutes, while Corn takes one full day to grow.

After completing this goal, you'll move onto "Paul Packs It In," a goal that's more about puns than it is about actually eating anything. You'll need to visit some Packing Stores, hence the name of the goal (Get it? Packing it in? Packing Store? Yeah, it's a corny one).

Visit 3 Neighbors' Packing Stores
Have 10 Shade Trees in your City

If you don't have ten Shade Trees before this mission starts, you can buy a single tree from the store for just 50 coins. You earn a single 1% bonus for each tree you place, so you'll at least gain something from the addition of all of this greenery.

Moving on, you'll reach the Training On Track goal, which deals with Charlie and (you guessed it) your town's Train.

Send 6 Trains
Ask friends for 4 Mustards

Remember, the quickest way to complete any train requirement is to send a train that only takes five minutes to return. In that way, you can finish this entire step (and even the entire mission, if you have helpful enough friends) in 30 minutes flat. Not bad, all things considered.

The eating-themed fun isn't over yet, as we'll move onto the Vote for Eating goal next. This one brings Phil back to the story as he tries to win the "Eat to Win" campaign.

Supply your Franchises 5 Times
Visit 10 Neighbors
Water 30 Neighbors' Crops

While the story in this entire goal series has been light, It think one takes the cake (no pun intended). How does supplying franchises help someone prepare for an eating contest? Ah well, we'll let that one slide, and we'll move onto the actual Eating Contest itself in the next goal.

It's Eating Time looks is the last goal currently available in this mission series, and it asks you to complete three actual food-related tasks:

Have 3 Strawberry Shortcakes
Have 2 Pumpkin Breads
Have 1 Corn Bread

If you're been holding onto your crop collection items, you'll likely have these on hand already. If you don't, you'll be able to earn them by harvesting strawberries (five minute crop), pumpkins (eight hour crop) and corn (one day crop). Finishing this goal leads the story to a bit of a shocking upset, but I won't spoil that for those who haven't made it that far yet. Hint: The winner will surprise you!

Finishing these goals will allow you access to two unlocked rewards. The first is the Hotdog Kiosk, which earns 450 coins for every 90 Goods supplied. The other item is a decoration - the Hotdog Eating Contest - that offers a bonus 12% payout to surrounding buildings.

While there's no actual expiration date on these items, it is possible that they won't be around forever. Finish these missions sooner, rather than later, to have the best chance at finishing them.

[Quest 2-5 Via CityVille Goals]

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