More CityVille buildings, decorations bloom for its Spring theme

CityVille Spring
Technically, Spring has just started for us on the East Coast with balmy temperatures in the 70s and clear, blue skies. So, consider this the technical start of Spring in CityVille, which Zynga has honored with five more items for sale in the Market. Most of these new items are businesses and homes with a knack for celebrating Spring the American way. (Meaning, of course, binge eating competitions and sports.) Check out all five items behind the break.
CityVille Spring items
Here are all five buildings and decorations along with their stats:

  • Spring Shingle: 30 City Cash, 500 Population, 109 coins per four hours
  • Tire Swing: 15 City Cash, 6% payout bonus
  • Sports Store: Reward, 550 coins, 100 Goods
  • Hotdog Kiosk: Reward, 450 coins, 90 Goods
  • Hotdog Eating Contest: Reward, 12% payout

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Forums]

What are your impressions of these five new items? Which would want in your city most of all? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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