Official FarmVille Podcast (04/25/2011): Rotate animal buildings, store more bushels

In this week's official FarmVille Podcast, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious was on-hand to give us a sneak peek of some coming attractions to the game. First, animal collectors will be very happy to learn that rotation will soon be added to many of the game's animal storage buildings including the Chicken Coop, Dairy Barn, Pig Pen, Turkey Roost, Duck Pond, and Animal Trough.

In another future update, we'll be able to expand the amount of crop Bushels we can hold on our farms simply by adding more Market Stalls to our land. The ratio will be 25 new Bushels added to your maximum capacity for every one Market Stall you add to your land, after your first Market Stall (which can be thought of as providing the current 100 slots).

All in all, this wasn't a very informative podcast, but we're definitely happy with the coming ability to rotate our animal buildings, so giving the full podcast a listen definitely wasn't a waste of time.

What do you think of the two announcements revealed in this week's podcast? Let us know in the comments.