Home Improvement: Dos and Don'ts From a Pro

Stefanos Chen
Bruce Irving
Bruce Irving

If you're a new homeowner, chances are you have a wish list of home improvements you'd like to make as soon as you move in. If you own a home and are trying to sell, you're scrambling to make upgrades before you can put your place on the market.

Either way, it's easy to make renovation mistakes--especially at this time of year, when home improvement retailers flood the airwaves with special deals and promotions. So before you embark on any overzealous remodeling projects, slow down, take a deep breath, and consider all your options.

Then listen to this advice from Bruce Irving, the former executive producer of This Old House. Irving, a home renovation consultant, helps steer clients through the remodeling process. He's evaluated hundreds of homes for buyers and sellers, and shares with AOL Real Estate his top tips for improving your home today while preparing to sell in tomorrow's market.

After the jump, find out what often-cited kitchen addition homeowners should beware, and discover why original windows are a home's best asset.