The Google Games effort is real, open job offer suggests

Google Money Machine
Google Money Machine

Sure, we've heard rumors of the search behemoth, Google, investing in numerous social game companies including Zynga. And the company bought Slide, a game developer, in 2010. But this job offer posted on Google's Linkedin page confirms the rumors: Google is serious about games. TechCrunch reports that the open call-out for a product manager of its Games division suggests that Google has not forgotten about its gaming efforts.

This job will be based in Google HQ in Mountain View, Calif., and the lucky guy or gal will be tasked with creating "strategies for game distribution and discovery, player identity, game mechanics, and more." It's also mentioned that the position will be heavily involved in Google's social platform, implying that these won't be just any games, but social games. If you doubted whether Google was serious about getting into games, then face the facts--it's happening. And if there is any company with the financial might, experience and notoriety to take on Zynga, it's Google. Find the full job offer after the break.