FarmVille Mystery Game (04/24/2011): White animals make a comeback


The newest round of the FarmVille Mystery Game has just launched, and with it comes the fulfillment of our prediction - this week's theme is white animals. However, before you get incredibly excited, know that half of this week's game is full of re-releases of animals that we've seen given away previously. If you were hoping to score six all-new animals, you'll unfortunately have to wait for another week for that to happen.

The animals that are available, however, are the following:

Arctic Fox
White Kitten
White Shire Horse
White Squirrel
White Stork
White Wolf Cub

The White Squirrel was first released back in July, as part of the first Mystery Game ever, while the Arctic Fox was a prize in the Holiday Tree and the White Kitten was seen in a Mystery Game just last month. Again, the other three animals are new, so if you'd like to splurge and spend the 20 Farm Cash on a dart, hopefully you won't receive an animal that you already have on your farm. We'll wish you luck that you don't.

Either way, this Mystery Game theme will only be around for a week, at which point another theme will take over, so make sure to play now and play fast if you're at all interested.