FarmVille Enchanted Love Decorations: Royal Palace, Wedding Swing, Rose Petals & More


With the Royal Wedding week now in full swing in the real world (that being the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton), tonight's FarmVille update saw Zynga beginning the celebration in the game this evening as well with the release of the new Enchanted Love limited edition item theme. While this items may be English (and definitely symbolic) in nature, they aren't part of the English Countryside theme, and so you're free to place them on either of your farms.

There is one new building in tonight's release, in the form of the large Royal Palace. This grand building costs 45 Farm Cash, and comes with such a large footprint (that is, it takes up so much space) that you might need to reorganize some other items before placing it. Either way, you'll gain 4500 experience points for your purchase, and don't let anyone tell you that this building doesn't present the perfect backdrop for the actual wedding-themed items also released this evening.

You can find out more about those items by meeting us behind the break.