Cafe World Spring Fling Catering Order: Finish in time to receive Crab Spring Roll recipe


Do you live in a climate that's still receiving snow and other winter weather? Wish that you could throw on some shorts and flip-flops and hit the beach? Well, you can, at least virtually via Cafe World's Spring Fling Catering Order. Don't get confused - this order has nothing to do with the two Easter-themed events that have also recently launched in the game (the Egg Hunt Catering Order, and the Egg Hunt Goals - both of which have guides here on - The Blog!) - this is a completely separate order that will see you unlocking a new recipe for your cookbook, if you can complete it in time.

This order is a fairly complex one, and fairly difficult as well, requiring you to cook three dishes, along with collecting three items from your friends. You'll have five days as your starter time limit, which does give you more time to accomplish these six tasks, but don't say I didn't warn you - this one's a toughie.