Cafe World Great Egg Hunt Goals: It's never too late for Easter fun in the kitchen

While Easter may have officially come and gone in the real world, you'll be able to carry on the pastel and egg-filled fun in Cafe World for a few days more (ok, maybe a few weeks more) thanks to the massive, eleven-part goal series that has launched in the game to celebrate the holiday. This goal series is called Great Egg Hunt, and it sees you serving dishes, helping out in your friends' cafes, collecting items from friends, restocking your salad bar and basically every other task you could expect from the game's many features.

Again, this is a very lengthy goal series, so I'll try my best to get right to heart of the matter, wasting little time. The first goal is called "A Basket Case." Amelia had been planning a great Easter egg hunt when all of her eggs went missing, and it's up to you to help Amelia find them. You'll receive the Egg Basket item for free to place in your cafe, which will grow and expand over time, as you complete these goals, just as the Love Meter expanded back in the Valentine's Day event, for those that were playing a few months ago.

A Basket Case asks you to complete three tasks:

Place Egg Basket
Spice 3 Neighbor Stoves
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 5 Times

Remember, you can always serve dishes from your Gift Box, if you'd rather not wait the eight hours for your cakes to cook. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 200 coins and 200 Cafe Points.

The second goal of eleven is called Egg-samples, and it introduces you to this goal series' main collectible item - the Colorful Eggs. Like RSVPs, your friends will need to respond individually for your requests for Eggs, with you having to wait a bit longer than a day to ask repeating friends to send you yet another egg, even if you're on a different mission in the series.

Ask for 4 Colorful Eggs
Serve French Onion Soup 10 Times
Obtain 5 Baby Carrots

You'll also have to ask your friends for the Baby Carrots. While waiting for them to arrive, you can cook the French Onion Soup, which takes four hours to prepare. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Cute Pink Bunny decoration, which I have to admit lives up to its name.

Part III of XI becomes more time consuming still, requiring you to receive a lot of help from friends.

Serve Fish N Chips 20 Times
Obtain 5 Cartons of Eggs
Obtain 5 Cups of Sugar

Fish N Chips takes just 2 hours to cook, which explains its high requirement. Also, did you notice how these quests have said "obtain" items, rather than "ask for" them? Looks like users were getting confused by not having goals being completed after they "asked for" items (but had yet to receive them). Rest assured, this changes the missions in no way, so just ask your friends individually as you always have, and we'll move on from here.

Part IV of XI bring us back to the Colorful Eggs, as you'll have to increase your stockpile to twice its current size.

Ask for 8 Colorful Eggs
Obtain 7 Cups of Brown Sugar
Serve 7 Spicy Devil Eggs

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do on your own in this mission is cook the Spicy Devil Eggs, which take 18 hours to prepare. Unless you want to spend Cafe Cash to complete the other tasks, your best bet is to ask friends for these items early and often to finish as quickly as possible. Finishing this mission gives you the Egg Server decoration.

With Part V of XI, we've almost hit the halfway point, but first, you'll need to ask for even more Colorful Eggs, while completing the other two tasks on your own.

Ask for 12 Colorful Eggs
Serve Loco Moco 10 Times
Spice 7 Neighbors Stoves

While this may not be the first time we've seen a goal in this series asking you to spice friends' stove, the likelihood of you completing both Parts I and Part V in the same day is incredibly remote, unless you plan on using Cafe Cash to skip many of these steps. Either way, once you finish this quest, you'll receive the Cute Yellow Bunny decoration.

With Part VI of XI, we can almost see the final mission way off in the distance and what's this? A new recipe is up for grabs? Let's get to work on earning it, shall we?

Serve Gourmet Blend 18 Times
Obtain 6 Tablespoons of Butter
Ask for 10 Turbot Fillets

Well, just when we thought there was some new rhyme and reason to the "ask for" and "obtain" debate, we see both in the same mission. What's the difference? There isn't one really, so just ignore it and move onto the Gourmet Blend. You'll need 43 Energy to prepare a single batch of Gourmet Blend, which can then be served to nine people. Luckily, the required number (18) divides easily, so you won't have to waste energy preparing extra coffee that you don't end up serving. For finishing this mission, you're given the Milk Chocolate Bunny recipe, which can be cooked for 225 coins and takes 10 minutes to prepare.

Unlike what you'd expect, you don't have to use your new recipe just yet, as Part VII of XI instead has you serving a breakfast of sorts.

Serve Belgian Waffles 10 Times
Obtain 8 Quarts of Heavy Cream
Obtain 10 Cartons of Eggs

Belgian Waffles take just 20 minutes to cook, but you'll likely have to wait longer than that to have your friends send you these ingredients. Finishing this quest doesn't give you another recipe, but you will be finally required to put your Milk Chocolate Bunny recipe to work in the next quest.

Part VIII of XI asks you to not only cook some bunnies (wow, that sounds bad), but to also ask for more Colorful Eggs.

Ask for 16 Colorful Eggs
Obtain 10 Cups of All-Purpose Flour
Serve Milk Chocolate Bunny 20 Times

While most mission series are all-but-finished by the time you reach goal eight, we've still got a long way ahead of us after this mission. For finishing Part VIII, you will receive a bit of inspiration to keep going, however, as you'll receive the Egg Hunt Carrot Cake recipe, which is cooked for 475 coins and can be served after cooking for just one hour.

Part IX of XI puts your new Carrot Cake recipe to work and introduces the Salad Bar to this quest set.

Serve Egg Hunt Carrot Cake 10 Times
Restock Your Salad Bar 10 Times
Obtain 8 Cups of Sugar

With the Salad Bar, your best bet to finishing that task quickly is to only purchase the "10 servings" package when given the option. In this way, the Salad Bar runs out of food more quickly, giving you the ability to restock it more than once in one sitting and move on that much quicker. There's no free recipe for this mission, but hey - we're almost at the end, and that is prize enough!

Part X of XI allows you to complete your bunny family of decorations, but in order to receive the final prize, you'll need to complete three varied tasks.

Ask for 25 Colorful Eggs
Spice 5 Neighbors Stoves
Obtain 10 Cups of All-Purpose Flour

As promised, when you finish this goal, you'll receive the Cute Blue Bunny decoration. To find him or any other decoration you've received so far, just head into the decor section of the game's store (as though you were trying to pull them out of your inventory or storage - not out of the Gift Box).

Finally! Are we at the end? It seemed to take us so long to get here, but I suppose all of these cute decorations, and the two new recipes have been worth it. Let's finish Part XI of XI already, shall we?

Cook Egg Hunt Carrot Cake 20 Times
Cook Milk Chocolate Bunny 12 Times
Cater the Children's Egg Hunt

What? You didn't think a holiday would go by without a matching Catering Order, did you? We'll make sure to give you the guide to that Catering Order as soon as we have it, but for now, that simply work on the rest of these eleven goals and meet us back here when you're ready to move on. Do you want some help with this Catering Order? Head over to our full guide to see everything you need to know about the Order before jumping in bunny ears first.

Check out the rest of our Easter 2011 coverage and guides right here.

What do you think of these missions? Do they seem manageable, or are you dreading even starting them? Let us know in the comments.
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