Cafe World Great Egg Hunt Goals: It's never too late for Easter fun in the kitchen


While Easter may have officially come and gone in the real world, you'll be able to carry on the pastel and egg-filled fun in Cafe World for a few days more (ok, maybe a few weeks more) thanks to the massive, eleven-part goal series that has launched in the game to celebrate the holiday. This goal series is called Great Egg Hunt, and it sees you serving dishes, helping out in your friends' cafes, collecting items from friends, restocking your salad bar and basically every other task you could expect from the game's many features.

Again, this is a very lengthy goal series, so I'll try my best to get right to heart of the matter, wasting little time. The first goal is called "A Basket Case." Amelia had been planning a great Easter egg hunt when all of her eggs went missing, and it's up to you to help Amelia find them. You'll receive the Egg Basket item for free to place in your cafe, which will grow and expand over time, as you complete these goals, just as the Love Meter expanded back in the Valentine's Day event, for those that were playing a few months ago.

A Basket Case asks you to complete three tasks:

Place Egg Basket
Spice 3 Neighbor Stoves
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 5 Times

Remember, you can always serve dishes from your Gift Box, if you'd rather not wait the eight hours for your cakes to cook. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 200 coins and 200 Cafe Points.