Cafe World Great Egg Hunt Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Along with the downright massive Easter-themed mission set that's now available in Cafe World, you can also complete Amelia's Great Egg Hunt Catering Order. In fact, "can" is a bit of a light word, as you'll absolutely need to complete this order if you want to finish the last of those Egg Hunt goals.

Either way, you'll be able to jump into this Catering Order as you have all others: by heading to the back of the Catering Business menu and accepting the job on your account from the pop-up menu that appears. This Catering Order is on a short time limit, but the requirements are anything but easy, requiring you to cook three dishes and collect two different items from friends.

For the cooking portion of this order, you'll need to serve Egg Hunt Carrot Cake (a one hour dish) 260 times, Delicious Chocolate Cake (a 14 hour dish) 225 times, and Milk Chocolate Bunny (a 10 minute dish) 100 times. Sure, the Carrot Cakes and Bunnies (recipes only available by completing the Egg Hunt goals - check out our guide) may have short cooking times, but they are required in such quantities that it will take very dedicated chefs to serve enough in the three day time limit for a three-star rating. Not to mention, if you don't have the time to frequently come back to the game (say, if you work full-time or go to school), you'll be that much more likely to come back to a cafe full of rotten food, which is never fun.

Either way, while you're cooking dishes with your friends (up to 18 can join you on this order), you'll also need to collect 28 collectibles: 14 Party Hats and 14 Party Streamers. All of these items are earned via individual gift requests that you'll need to send to friends that you think would be most likely to help you. Again, if you can complete all five of these tasks within three days, you'll receive three-star rating, 12 Catering Points, 6,300 Cafe Points, 75000 coins and the Egg Hunt Sugar Cookies recipe, and exclusive recipe that you can only receive by completing this order.

If you finish after three days, but within the first five days of beginning, you'll receive two-stars, eight Catering Points, 4500 Cafe Points, and 50000 coins, while simply finishing the order at any time after the first five days earns you a single star, four Catering Points, 2700 Cafe Points and 30000 coins. While those still aren't bad rewards for simply finishing the order at all, if you're like most cooks, you likely won't settle until you've receive your exclusive recipe, and frankly I can't blame you.

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What do you think of this Catering Order? Are the requirements too difficult, since they require you to unlock recipes before starting? Let us know in the comments.
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