FrontierVille Water Well Goals: Everything you need to know

This weekend, Zynga has launched the Water Well in FrontierVille. Along with an actual "building" (the Well) that you can place on your Homestead, and then use to collect crop and animal boosts, along with two new and rare critters (the Blue Frog and the Yellow Turtle), you'll also be able to complete a series of three goals associated with the Well. Remember, as these quests are incredibly new, they are subject to change at any time.

The first goal is called "May as well find a Spring!" and it asks you to complete three tasks:

Clear 20 Grass
Discover a Wellspring
Begin Building a Well

As we've told you before, the Wellspring can be found randomly while clearing debris. Simply whacking that wellspring (as though it were the base of a building frame) will allow you to "begin" the building of the actual well. Finishing this first quest rewards you with 100 XP, five Peanut Ready Boosts, and two Well Pulleys, which are used in the actual construction of the final Water Well.The second goal in this series asks you to harvest some crops, and help out on friends' Homesteads, along with collecting another item used in the construction of the Well (while you can ignore the Well altogether once you find the Wellspring, this proves that Zynga really wants you to go through with building it).

Harvest 10 Flax
Unwither Neighbors' Crops 15 Times
Collect 5 Dowsing Rods

For this mission, it looks like the Dowsing Rods will be collected via a general wall post asking your friends to give them to you, rather than individual gift requests. Finishing this mission gives you 150 XP and two Corn Ready Boosts.

Finally, for mission three, you'll need to complete the construction of your first Well, and move immediately into working on the second.

Complete the Well
Remove Two Stumps (on your own Homestead)
Find a second Wellspring

For a full look at completing the Well's construction, make sure to check out our guide. For finishing this final of the three missions, you'll receive 250 XP, five Unwither Crop Boosts, and a Bucket O' Duckies, a new decoration that's just overflowing with tiny rubber duckies (and is so cute!).

Remember, by completing your Well(s), you'll have a chance to collect crop and animal boosts, and maybe even a rare critter from the Well a full 10 times before it dries up and you'll need to move onto the next. These missions don't seem too terribly complicated either, so even if you only went into this looking to snag a couple of exclusive critters, you wouldn't really lose anything, other than time.

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What do you think of the Water Well goal? Are they too difficult, or too easy? Let us know in the comments.
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