FrontierVille: Strike water and build your own Water Well for boosts and critters

Why howdy pardners! There's water in them thar hills of FrontierVille! Yee-haw! Ahem, excuse the minor impersonation of Jack, but there is indeed water to be found on your Homestead, and you'll find it at random while clearing debris. To be specific, while clearing debris you have the chance to "strike water," in the form of a small Wellspring. Again, this happens at random, and at this point, there's nothing you can do to increase your chances.

Once you find a Wellspring, you'll unlock the ability to build an actual, structural Well on top of it. This is done by whacking the Wellspring three times, with each time costing nine wood. Once that's done, you'll have to collect seven different building ingredients, just as you would with any other proper building in the game.The seven ingredients are the Shovel, Rope and Bucket, Spigot, Hand Crank, Pulley, and Dowsing Rod. You'll need seven each of the Shovel, Rope and Bucket, and Spigots, and you'll earn each through individual requests from friends. Meanwhile, you can ask for the five each that you need of Hank Cranks, Pulleys, and Dowsing Rods via simple wall posts asking all of your friends at once.

After you've completed the structure of the Well, you'll be able to collect from it ten times before it goes dry. Doing so will allow you to receive all sorts of crop boosts, and even some animal boosts, along with two new (rare) critters: a Blue Frog and a Yellow Turtle, as seen below.

It's presumable that after your first Well "dries up," you'll be able to complete the process all over again, finding a Wellspring and then building another well, but we wouldn't be surprised if the requirements changed (ie: became more difficult) in the process, just as expanding the storage shed becomes ever more challenging each time you complete it. What we do know for sure is that yes, you can find a second Wellspring, and will even need to do so to finish the accompanying Water Well quests. It's just how difficult the second construction will be that's up in the air.

Sure, this Well is almost exactly like the Beehive, but with the chance at rare critters, I think it's worth a build, at least once - don't you?

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Will you build a well and use it to collect boosts, or are you not a fan of the many critters we already have in the game? Let us know in the comments.
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