Official CityVille Podcast (04/22/2011): Zoo and Mall coming to town soon


In this week's official CityVille podcast, Community Manager Clerk Casey gave us two sneak peeks at coming attractions in the game. The first deals with the zoo that we've known was coming for a few weeks now, since the first CityVille podcast. Now, though, we know that this building will apparently be much more than a simple community building or business, as we'll actually have to work to fill the zoo with animals.

Animals will apparently be separated by rarity, and we'll have to physically "track down animals" to give them a home in our zoos. It's unknown right now how you'll actually track down these animals - whether they'll be in your own city, in your friends' town, and so on, but it's a very interesting idea and I'm personally looking forward to see what it entails.