Hi5 gaining momentum among top online/social gaming sites; should Facebook be concerned?


While many would doubt Facebook's longevity in the entire social media sphere (including social games), it looks like all of that smack hi5 has been talking might actually be paying off. As reported by Gamezebo, ComScore Media Metrix recently released a list of the top 10 worldwide online gaming sites, and hi5 currently sits at number six, sitting amongst companies like EA Online and WildTangent Media.

"We're currently launching two to three social games per week, and we have over 400 games in the pipeline," said Alex St. John, President and CTO of hi5, in a company press release. Some recently released games include exclusives (Sega Play Football) as well as games that have already become popular on Facebook like Digital Chocolate's Millionaire City and DJArts Games' Bush Whacker.

While I personally doubt Facebook has anything to worry about in the long term, perhaps hi5 is onto something after all.

Are you a member on hi5, or do you spend all of your time playing games on Facebook? Do you think hi5 is a real threat to the social gaming throne? Let us know in the comments.