Alaska Airlines Toilet Paper Incident Forces Evacuation Of Plane


Yes, the headline was written error-free: An Alaska Airlines jet was evacuated Friday afternoon after a 'suspicious powder' was found in the plane's lavatory. That powder turned out to be toilet paper.

A flight attendant discovered a tissue with "white dust" in the lavatory.

The flight, arriving from Seattle, was met with a hazardous material team upon landing at Orange County's John Wayne airport.

An airport spokeswoman told the Associated Press that the material in question was, in fact, the remnants of toilet paper.

All 151 passengers and six crew were evacuated from the plane as a precaution. The plane will be cleaned and returned to service.

This isn't the first questionable substance found on a plane in the last week: On Wednesday, it was revealed that a Delta flight had to be taken out of rotation and cleaned after rat droppings "too numerous to count" were found in the plane's food galleys.

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