Zynga teases FarmVille Love Potion crafting

Love Potion
Love Potion

Players on the FarmVille forums have been complaining about the lack of Love Potions for Sheep Breeding, to which community manager Grimwell responded, "What if you could craft them. Would that help?" While the update certainly didn't surface last night, we now know exactly what Zynga is working on when it comes to new convenience features. Soon, players will be able to craft their own Love Potions in addition to asking their friends every four hours.

Being able to craft our own Love Potions would be a boon, especially considering we'll need them for Pig Breeding. No details have been announced as to how or where exactly the Love Potions will be crafted. Regardless, any news regarding a much-requested feature is good news. Stay tuned for when this update lands, as we'll be all over it.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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