Top Five Green Jobs Most In Demand

Green Jobs Happy Earth Day! As attention focuses on maintaining the earth and cleaning up the environment, some people are gearing their job searches in those directions as well. It seems there's plenty of opportunity, if you have the right qualifications. In fact, Adecco Engineering & Technical, which focuses on finding jobs for those in the technical, engineering, and green fields, has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of available green jobs in the last five years, making the sector one that's not only good for the Earth, but for job opportunities as well.

"For a lot of our clients, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to separate 'green' jobs from mainstream jobs," notes Diana Fitting, Adecco Engineering & Technical senior vice president. "As more states and businesses turn to green power generation and sustainable practices, we anticipate that the need and demand for professionals with these skills will only continue to increase."

Adecco Engineering & Technical put together a list of the hottest green jobs, reflecting the most in demand positions Adecco is currently seeing, as well as the business trends that their clients are currently staffing up for.

Top five green jobs

Solar Power Contractor -- Whether for residential or commercial projects, more and more people are turning to solar, to power their homes and businesses. Many states like New Jersey and Florida offer rebates or incentives for choosing solar energy, making it not only a smart choice for the environment and the checkbook, but also for a career.

Wind Turbine Installer -- With wind turbine farms in the Pacific Northwest and California accounting for an increasing portion of power generation, there will continue to be a demand for all professionals with wind turbine experience. As the career and technology is still relatively new, the opportunity for growth and advancement in this field is strong.

LEED Certified Engineer -- Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification is an internationally recognized method of implementing and constructing green buildings, homes and spaces. Since its inception in 1998, there are now more than 7,000 buildings internationally that carry the certification. As we move towards a larger global awareness around making our buildings more environmentally friendly, the demand for these professionals will only continue to increase.

Hybrid Vehicle Technician -- In the last decade, the desire for Americans to own green cars has steadily increased, and as we face rising prices at the pump, more and more people will turn to hybrid vehicles. Jobs in this area can range from testing lithium batteries for cars, to the specialized assembly of the actual vehicles themselves.

Environmental Protection Specialist -- As the green movement grows larger, the demand for these professionals is expected to grow greatly. While many in this field work for the government, more and more businesses are bringing on specialists to work or consult on a variety of projects which may often include construction and development.

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