Playdom co-founder to launch divine Facebook game, IdleWorship

If you hadn't noticed, your FarmVilles and CityVilles are variations on the age-old "god games" of the 1990s like Sim City, Black and White and Civilization. Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson, with his new company Idle Games, is throwing his hat into the ring of god games on Facebook with IdleWorship, its first game set to lunch this June. According to Inside Social Games, the game puts players directly into the role of a god, overseeing the lives of Mudlings, a primitive island community.

Players will be able to create not just buildings and decorations like in most Facebook games, but introduce nature and wildlife into the world. Also, it's up to you, the god, on whether you'll treat your people with grace or ruthless oppression. And whether your a benevolent or begrudging god will affect your people's perception of you and their Belief. Most of the things you introduce to your people will rely on their Belief, the main currency in IdleWorship.

IdleWorship plans to evolve social interaction beyond the friends bar beneath most social games, Inside Social Games reports. Instead, friends and strangers alike will appear nearby, within the game, in a vast ocean of islands controlled by players. However, players' surrounding islands will be populated with gods of similar outlooks--loving gods will be surrounded by more graceful gods while angry gods will have their oceans populated with other evil deities.

It sounds like IdleWorship is about to bring automatic weapons a social gaming arena of swords and arrows, throwing the top developers like Zynga for a spin. However, whether the general audience is ready for such a game won't be seen for months to come. If you're interested in playing right now, you can sign up to become a beta tester right here.

[Image Credit: Idle Games]

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