Pinched for Time? Mow Your Lawn from Work

Want to mow your lawn during a coffee break without having to run home and get sweaty? There's an app for that. These days you can actually start, stop, run and track your mower from your smart phone.

Because a recent Husqvarna Global Garden Report showed that 40 percent of consumers around the world say they don't have enough time to take care of their homes and gardens, the company developed a robotic "Automower" that can be guided by a free iPhone app. What will they think of next?

Husqvarna says that any Automower robotic lawnmower equipped with a GPS Communication Unit can be remotely started and stopped, and be tracked on your iPhone screen. The app also has installation movies, a buying guide and FAQs.

"We all want a well-kept lawn, but few are willing to invest the time needed. With the help of Automower we made life a little easier for house owners. With the iPhone app you take control of your lawn as easily as making a phone call," says Stefan Axelsson, Business Development Manager at Husqvarna.

Of course, convenience will cost you. The iPhone app is free, but the robotic mowers run from $2,399.95 to $2,999.95. You might want to compare that to the cost of having a lawn care professional or a neighborhood kid come by and do mow your lawn for you every week.

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