Carmelo Anthony Rents Four NY Apartments While He House Hunts

NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who was traded in February from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks, will soon be moving himself and his extended family and some assistants into several Manhattan rentals so he can take his time looking for the right home to purchase, his real estate agent told AOL Real Estate.

"It was kind of a whirlwind when he came to New York. He didn't want to rush into the actual purchase at that time," says agent Prince Dockery, whose Prince Group is a new addition to the Prudential Douglas Elliman team. "He is going to buy at some point."

Although Dockery wouldn't reveal the exact location of the rentals, the New York Daily News reports that Anthony has taken four--count 'em--apartments in two buildings, the Aldyn and its sister building, the Ashley, both on the Upper West Side.

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Carmelo Anthony Rents Four NY Apartments While He House Hunts

The Aldyn, designed by Costas Kondylis and Partners LLP, contains 286 apartments, with rental units on the lower floors and condos on the upper, many with unobstructed views of the Hudson River.

If 'Melo gets restless, he can swing by the building's fitness center, 75-foot swimming pool, 38-foot rock climbing wall, squash courts, bowling alley, golf simulator or, of course, its full-size basketball court.

Dockery says it took a few weeks of showing the Anthony clan around the metro area before they settled on the quartet of places. "We were trying to do this in between him playing games and traveling. Usually when an individual comes in town it takes about two days, but in this case it was a little bit more difficult doing it in season."

The 26-year-old gold- and bronze-medal Olympics winner has a four-year-old son, Kiyan, with wife LaLa Vasquez, who turned the couples' wedding plans into a Vh1 reality show called LaLa's Full Court Wedding.

They'll start moving in next month as they gather possessions from two of their other homes, in Denver and Los Angeles. In the meantime, Anthony will debut his new "home colors" shoe, the Jordan Melo M7 Advance (pictured below), at tonight's game in Madison Square Garden.

See interior photos of the Aldyn, and the basketball court Carmelo Anthony might enjoy.

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