French Police Upset About Being Banned from Drinking on the Job

Who else but France's elite riot police force, the CRS (Republican Security Companies), would threaten to strike over a ban prohibiting them from drinking alcohol while on the job? It seems they have been doing it openly for years, and see no reason why they should stop now.

The special police force, which is charged with protecting the Republic from internal threats, has a reputation for hiring especially tough officers. They have traditionally been permitted to drink wine and beer with their main meals while in service, sometimes having it served to them from CRS vans in public, while they're on duty. But the ban was issued after photos were published internationally of the officers sipping from bottles while armed with weapons and suited up in body armor.

Didier Mangione, national secretary of the police union, told the Telegraph that those who instigated the ban were "trying to turn us into priests, but without the altar wine."

"Nobody should object to a small drink on jobs," he said. "CRS officers do not have any more or less alcohol problems than anybody else in society. They should be allowed to drink in moderation." Mangione said he will be making a formal appeal against the new rules to the police authority on behalf of the union.

Regardless, the CRS central directorate maintains they have no plans to reconsider their decision to prohibit the officers from drinking on the job.

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