FarmVille: Giant Wedding Tree appearing from Mystery Seedlings

While I never seem to be lucky enough to receive one of these level 2 seedlings before they're released in the FarmVille marketplace, FVNation now has the news that a new tree is randomly appearing from Mystery Seedlings. The tree is the Giant Wedding Tree, which we first saw a glimpse of under a different name - the Crystal Trees - in a recent FarmVille Sneak Peek.

As usual, we expect that this Giant Wedding Tree will launch in the game's store officially in a matter of days - likely Sunday evening, when the entire store should receive an item update. For now though, be sure to be on the lookout for posts from your friends who've come across these trees and grown them, or for any Mystery Seedlings that they may share along the way.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

Have you received a Giant Wedding Tree from a Mystery Seedling? Let us know in the comments.