FarmVille: Crafting of Love Potions, Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks is here


Just today, we told you that there would soon be a way to craft Love Potions in FarmVille, allowing users to have more control over their Sheep and Pig Breeding. Apparently "soon" meant "this evening," as we've seen the release of not only a new Love Potion crafting recipe to the game, but also recipes that will let you craft Wooden Boards, Nails, and Bricks out of Bushels.

Sure, the idea of receiving wooden, or even metal items from crops is a bit outlandish, but if this is the only way Zynga could get it done, then we'll let go of reality. For the Potions, all users will be able to craft them inside the Pub in the English Countryside. A single Potion requires four Field Beans Bushels, 3 Pink Asters Bushels, and 5 English Peas Bushels. That's a heck of a lot of planting and farming for a single Love Potion, but I suppose if you're desperate to breed as many Sheep or Pigs as you can, it's something we'll have to accept.