Zynga, Lady Gaga wear the Poker Face in promotion deal talks

Lady Gaga Poker FaceYou can see it now, can't you? Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and Lady Gaga dance battling in his corner office over the final details of a promotion deal. The Wall Street Journal reports that both the FarmVille creator and the prosthetic-privy musician are in talks regarding a promotion deal for her upcoming album, Born This Way, on May 23.

The two Internet dynamos--for entirely different reasons--have collaborated before during Zynga's campaign to raise money for Japan after its horrific earthquake. Through Zynga, Gaga donated a cool $1.5 million, but now it's her turn (and Zynga's) to make some money ... lots of it.

Fast Company has created a list of possibilities for the promotional deal ranging from the completely logical and almost expected to the not-gonna'-happen. Our guess is Lady Gaga will become a character in one of Zynga's games, most likely FarmVille, CityVille or FrontierVille, like the recent Rango promotion in FrontierVille. Then again, Lady Gaga could come to Mafia Wars like Dr. Dre did and plop her music video on the home page. We're gonna' try and find out what this is all about--you sit tight and keep those guesses coming.

[Image Credit: Durian Boy]

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