Security Staff Empties Mall Over Dangerous ... Umbrella? (Video)

Security Staff Security personnel completely evacuated the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts recently, upon receiving calls about a dangerous looking man who appeared to be carrying a rifle. Turns out it was a 19-year-old boy on his way to buy a video game, carrying his new umbrella in his backpack. He had already left the mall when the evacuation took place.

Now it's good to be cautious, but couldn't someone have reviewed a security tape before they evacuated every store on every floor, called in SWAT teams and posted police personnel on every corner? Good thing there wasn't a real emergency happening while authorities searched desperately for the dangerous umbrella wielder.

When the boy with the umbrella, Dylan Cate, saw what was happening on the news, he went back to the mall and showed police what he'd been carrying. It was soon determined that he was the man they were looking for, and the security operation was called off.

While Cate understands the need for caution, he is still puzzled by the event. He told a reporter from Boston's Fox affiliate that he can understand how people might have mistaken his umbrella for a sword, but not for a rifle. Still, he's going to buy a new umbrella.

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