Retiring at 102 While She's 'Still Young'

Retiring at 102 A lot of people are putting off retirement these days because the recession wreaked havoc on their savings and plans, but Sally Gordon has finally reached her limit for quite another reason. The 102-year-old assistant sergeant-at-arms in the Nebraska Legislature is finally ready to call it quits, so she can enjoy retirement while she's "still young," according to the Associated Press.

Nebraska's Capitol building hadn't even been completed yet when Gordon was born in 1909, but she's been busy working there for years. She first served as a secretary for three Nebraska governors before coming to her current position in 1984.

Her duties, until next week, involve helping with the day-to-day operations of the Legislature, passing messages to senators on the floor and keeping order in the legislative chamber and hearing rooms. When the legislature is in session, she walks the seven blocks to the Capitol from her home every day, unless there's rain or snow.

Her son, Jim calls her The Energizer Bunny, and President Barack Obama sent her a letter of congratulations on her 100th birthday two years ago. Gordon was honored as America's Outstanding Oldest Worker for 2010, and she doesn't plan on slowing down just because she's retiring. She will probably take a breather for a few days, however, to recover from all the parties, honors and media attention she'll be receiving for her many years of service.

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