Playmatic's Shadow Government social game will use real world news and data, says CEO Margaret Wallace


Shadow Government is the brain-child of New York-based game developer Playmatics. According to Gamasutra, the game is "based on the gamification of real countries, systems, and worldwide events." To make Shadow Government a reality, the company has secured $1 million from a group of Swiss-based investors.

Shadow Government will allow players to build up, manage, and then destroy entire nations, virtually. With a set of simulation tools that have been designed to help test reactions to massive world-scale events, the game looks to offer a bit of educational content in addition to what may come across as an in-depth city-builder. While the game may sound violent, Playmatic's CEO Margaret Wallace claims that the game isn't really as "serious" as it may sound.

"It's not a 'serious game,' really, because we aim to design an entertainment experience. People can use Shadow Government to destroy their own little country, or to wreak havoc where they can."

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