JetBlue And Nintendo Bring Gaming (Temporarily) To JFK Airport


Sitting around the airport and waiting for your flight to take off just got a lot more interesting.

From April 22 to May 30, JetBlue is teaming up with Nintendo to offer a grandstand complete with new Nintendo 3DS games.

The system, which launched on March 27th, sold nearly 400,000 units its first week.

The program will be at JetBlue's ever-fun Terminal 5 and will include 3D experiences such as flight simulators, submarine navigation games, Madden NFL and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. The consoles are also set up with a customized Mii Maker and to take 3D pictures.

Add in daily prize giveaways and some gamers may consider purposely missing their flight to keep playing.

JetBlue's JFK Terminal has long been a bastion of fun. The Live at T5 concert series has included artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Taylor Swift and James Blunt. On St. Patrick's Day, the airline teamed up with Aer Lingus for a 2-day celebration.

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