FrontierVille: Tend trees to find a Spring Quail critter


A new critter has been added to FrontierVille today, as Zynga has officially launched the Spring Quail in the game. You'll be able to find this Spring Quail egg in the same was that you find the Spring Robin, by simply tending to your trees (whether fruit trees, oaks or pines).

Once you find a Spring Quail, you'll need to confirm that you want to help the animal via a pop-up like the one above. Then, you'll be tasked with collecting a whole slew of Fuzzy Blankets to warm up the Quail egg and help it hatch. This seems like one of the most difficult animals to "heal," as, while the Fuzzy Blankets are fairly easy to come by (just ask your friends to send them to you via wall posts), it will take a lot of Fuzzy Blankets to fill the Quail's meter to the point that the egg cracks and you have a true, ready-to-be-fed animal for your Homestead.

With more birds being released in the game, it almost makes me wonder if some sort of Aviary is in the works for the future. Sure, that's a complete speculation out of left field, but now that I think about it, it would make sense. Either way, keep stocking up on those pink Fuzzy Blankets, as you never know when one of these cute little eggs will drop from your trees.

Have you already found a Spring Quail egg on your Homestead? Will you heal as many as you find, or is one enough? Let us know in the comments.