FarmVille Spring Decorations: Peeky Bunny, Chick-n-Egg, Egg Fence, and more


A series of five new (ok, maybe the word "new" is pushing it a bit... or a lot) Spring themed decorative items were released in FarmVille this evening, with some of these items falling into the unnamed Easter theme as well. All told, there are three Farm Cash items available at this time - let's take a look at them. The first, and most expensive item, is the Chick-N-Egg, a re-released item from last year's Spring theme. The price has remained constant at 14 Farm Cash, and remember if you purchase this at first unassuming item, you'll be able to watch it animate, as a chicken cracks open the egg and appears.

Otherwise, your Farm Cash can be spent on two other items: the Peeky Bunny for 9 Farm Cash, and the Tulip Knoll for 4 Farm Cash. No, your eyes (and memories) aren't failing you - both of these items are re-releases as well. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come for this entire theme, as we'd love to see more original items being released for purchase.