FarmVille Spring Animal: Meet the Bunny Ewe

While we certainly haven't seen the end of the English Countryside item them in FarmVille, it is nice to see another theme join the ranks of limited edition items this evening, as new items were launched in the Spring theme. One animal was among the release, coming in the form of the Bunny Ewe.

This happens to be one of the cutest darn sheep I've ever seen in the game, and while the price tag is fairly high at 20 Farm Cash, sheep collectors will want to add at least one to their herd. As the Ewe's body is plain white, we doubt that sheep breeders will be able to get anything special from breeding her, but that's also something to keep in mind all the same. The Bunny Ewe will be available in the game for the next two weeks, and we can only hope she'll be given some more company in that time.

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Will you pay the high price tag to add a Bunny Ewe to your farm? Let us know in the comments.