FarmVille: Spin the Wheel of Fuel and win free fuel... just like every other day


Taking a page from the Wheel of Fortune, Zynga has started sending out emails to FarmVille players containing the "Wheel of Fuel." Like the Daily Bonus email, this Wheel of Fuel email offers you free fuel - anything from a single Small can, to three Large cans of fuel.

Unfortunately, this Wheel of Fuel isn't interactive, and overall seems like a rather pointless change. Clicking on the button in your email opens Facebook in a new window where you're simply shown the amount of fuel that you won. There's no flash animation of the Wheel of Fuel actually spinning, you don't get to press a big red button to make it stop. It's all quite a let down, really. Either way, I'm never going to complain about receiving free fuel, so if this is the direction future fuel emails are going to look then bring it on, I say. I just hope no one around me minds when I make up my own spinning sound effects to replace the stationary wheel I see before me.

Have your daily bonus emails started containing the Wheel of Fuel? What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments.