FarmVille experiences loading issues; return of the Sad Cow

Sad Cow is sad
Sad Cow is sad

Locked out of FarmVille for the moment? You're certainly not alone. Zynga has reported that FarmVille is suffering loading issues and has disabled wither and puppy hunger until the issue has been resolved. Unfortunately, it appears that the problem has persisted for at least 12 hours, according to the first murmurs of it on the FarmVille forums.

Forum contributor vagabondma contacted customer support regarding the issue to which a representative replied, "Let me inform you that this is an issue currently affecting several accounts. However I assure you that The Development Team is currently working on fixing this problem. Although we can not provide you with an estimated wait time, we will make sure to let you know as soon as is completed."

Looks like we'll have to sit tight, then, huh? Hopefully the issue doesn't linger much longer (I'm still locked out), but stay tuned for updates for when the game becomes available.

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