Family Village game on Facebook pushes privacy boundaries

family village on facebook
family village on facebook

Everyone is fascinated by the concept of learning more about their family roots. Case in point: NBC's Friday night reality show 'Who Do You Think You Are,' where celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Cattrall and Steve Buscemi dig deep into their family's past while America watches.

Now, there's a new Facebook game from Funium -- Family Village -- that's designed to do the same for you. There's a catch, though. You're required to give up some serious personal information in order to uncover any new family info. I'm not talking about things like your hometown and birthday, but things like your parents name, place of birth, birthdays, etc. It's necessary info to properly play the game, but it also inadvertently reminds me of the numerous phishing scam emails I get every month.