FAA Fires Two Air Traffic Controllers

The hits just keep on coming, don't they? The Obama administration dispatched Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to PBS' "News Hour" to reassure the flying public of the capabilities of existing air traffic controllers.

While there, LaHood said that two controllers were fired due to their actions.

The controllers in question worked in Miami and Knoxville.

The Miami controller had the nerve to "guided a 737 Southwest flight to take a look at a small plane that was out of radio contact to see if something was going on. It completely violates procedure. You can't guide a big plane over to look at a small plane. That's not the way that's done."

Got that right.

The Knoxville controller was interesting in his approach: He brought a bed, complete with pillows and blankets to his job and slept for five hours, despite attempts by his coworkers to wake him up.

LaHood said that they had, in fact, extended rest time from 8 to 9 hours between shifts--which, when you think about it, is not long at all.

LaHood's appappearance comes day after a 737 carrying Michelle Obama and Jill Biden had a major mishap while landing at Andrews Air Force Base. As a result of that, air traffic controllers are no longer allowed to supervise flights carrying the First Lady or Vice President; that job instead goes to air traffic supervisors.

Despite all the issues the FAA is having with controllers, LaHood said that indeed "flying is safe but we need to do more"

WATCH LaHood's appearance below:

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