Cafe World Spring is the Season Goals: Everything you need to know

Spring certainly is the season, at least for most Cafe World players, and Zynga is looking to celebrate the turn to better weather with a new series of goals to complete, and a new set of recipes to unlock in the game. The Spring is the Season goal set is eight parts long, meaning that you'll be spending quite a bit of time celebrating the change in seasons, unless you have some able-bodied friends, lots of stoves, or a lot of Cafe Cash to help you out.

The first goal is simple, and requires you to just cook two dishes and help in some of your friends' cafes.

Serve Pumpkin Pie 5 Times
Serve Super Chunk Fruit Salad 7 Times
Spice 3 Neighbors' Stoves

If you're like me, you likely won't see these goals appear in your own game (in terms of seeing the icon appear on the right side of your screen), and you'll need to force it to appear by either serving one of the dishes, or by spicing a friend's stove and then immediately clicking on the black progress window that appears in the top left corner of your screen. Pumpkin Pie takes 12 hours to cook, while the Fruit Salad takes just 15 minutes.You can use the above method to force your quest window to appear at any time, and for any quest, so it's something to keep in mind should you ever have to ask for items (hint: like now) and can't find the window to do so on your own. Part II of VIII sees you doing just that, by replacing the stove spicing task with an item collection task.

Serve Caramel Apples 7 Times
Serve or Ask for Spaghetti and Meatballs 20 Times
Ask for 10 Bags of Asparagas

To be clear, you need to either serve Spaghetti and Meatballs (an 8-hour dish) 20 times, or ask your friends to send you 20 individual portions of the dish, meaning that you'd need to get up to 20 friends to help you in total. If you are lacking in very active friends, it might be smartest to simply wait the eight hours for your dishes to cook on your own. As for the Caramel Apples, they take just two hours to cook.

Moving on, Part III of VIII has the same setup as the second quest, although the recipes and collectibles are different. The prize is also something very worthwhile, all things considered.

Serve Jammin'n Jelly Donuts 15 Times
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 15 Times
Ask for 12 Cups of Almonds

The Donuts take just 20 minutes to cook, while the Angel Fruit Cake is ready to serve after eight hours. While you're waiting for your dishes to cook, you can ask your friends to send you the Almonds via individual gift requests. Once this goal is completed, you'll unlock the Asparagus Almondine dish, which is available to cook for 2200 coins and takes two hours to prepare.

Your first new recipe under your belt, you might think that you have to put it to good use, but alas, that is not the case. You'll instead take on three entirely unrelated tasks in Part IV of VIII.

Restock your Salad Bar 5 Times
Serve 18 Cups of Decaf Coffee
Ask for 10 Spring Flowers

Remember, use the 10 serving setting when restocking your Salad Bar, and you'll be able to run through this task much faster. The Decaf Coffee, meanwhile, can be found under the "Basics" setting in your Coffee Machine, and can be prepared for 35 energy. You'll receive eight servings to share with your customers, meaning that you'll have to prepare the coffee at least three times in order to pass that part of the mission. Completing this mission gives you a Sunshine Flower decoration, which has a painted on face - how cute!

Part V of VIII doesn't reward you with a new recipe, and it doesn't even require you to cook anything even relatively new. It's as if Zynga forgot they just gave you a new recipe, for all of the good it will do in helping you get here, but I guess that's not really a horrible thing. Either way, you'll need to complete three tasks, as usual.

Serve 12 Servings of Ginger Ale
Spice 3 Neighbors' Stoves
Serve Clubhouse Sandwiches 20 Times

Clubhouse Sandwiches take 18 hours to prepare, so you'll have more than enough time to serve your Ginger Ale while you're waiting for them to cook. A single supply of Ginger Ale costs 22 energy to make, and you'll receive just six servings each time. Luckily, this divides evenly, so you'll only have to waste use energy on making the Ginger Ale twice.

Part VI of VIII starts to prepare you for the end of this mission series, which eventually rewards you with two additional new recipes by giving you a hint as to one of the ingredients therein. Can you guess what it is?

Serve 15 Servings of Triple Berry Cheesecake
Serve of ask for 15 Pizza Margherita
Ask for 10 Cups of Sliced Rhubarb

You guessed it - one of your eventual new recipes contains Rhubarb, so you'll need to prepare by collecting some from friends. While you're waiting, you can cook your Pizza Margherita and Triple Berry Cheesecakes, which take 30 minutes and 12 hours to cook, respectively.

Finally, with Part VII of VIII, we start to get to things that are a bit more interesting, even if only for the prize you'll receive at the end. You'll need to purchase two items from the store, and complete a catering order that was released quite a long time ago, which make save you any real effort in completing this mission now.

Have 1 Pink Egg Clock
Have 1 Bunny Hostess
Cater Sunday Brunch

First things first, the Sunday Brunch catering order launched in September, and if you haven't completed it yet, make sure to check out our complete guide to doing so. If you're like the many players that have already completed that order, however, you can simply head into the store, purchase the Pink Egg Clock for 150,000 coins and the Bunny Hostess for 80,000 coins and call this one done. Finishing this mission gives you a new recipe in the form of the Rhubarb Betty. This American dish can be cooked for 1,550 coins and will be ready to serve in eight hours.

All of this work brings us to the final part of this mission series. Part VIII of VIII flips the proverbial switch yet again, asking you to serve tons of pizza, and collect a single ingredient for a new pizza recipe you'll receive at the end.

Serve or Ask for 30 Pepperoni Pizza
Serve 30 Sausage Deep Dish Pizza
Ask for 25 Heads of Artichoke

Luckily, you can save your gift requests for the Heads of Artichoke, and can simply cook your own Pepperoni Pizzas, with a single pizza taking eight hours to cook. Sure, this would be much more quickly solved if you simply asked your friends to send you these pizzas instead, but another method is even better - don't forget to look inside your gift box for extra servings of the pizza that your friends have shared with you. Even if you've held onto them for weeks or months, simply serving them out of your gift box will help complete the task that much quicker, which is definitely something I can get behind. This final mission unlocks one final recipe in the form of the Garlic Artichoke Pizza, available to cook for just 120 coins and ready in five minutes.

All told, these missions aren't so complex as they are simply time-consuming. While many users will fly past Part VII with little to no effort, simply getting there is a long and arguably hard process, so get started now to make the most of your time before these goals eventually disappear (that is, while no expiration date has been announced, we can't imagine goals celebrating Spring could last after the season is over).

What do you think of these Spring goals? Are you ready to spring into Spring (sorry, bad pun) in your cafe, or are you holding onto winter for all that it's worth? Let us know in the comments.
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