Zynga toying with new FarmVille mobile game, survey suggests

FarmVIlle Mobile Light
FarmVIlle Mobile Light

Mobile farmers, take heed: Zynga has heard your cries, lambasting FarmVille for iPhone. Well, sort of. According to a new survey by the omnipotent developer, a new, lighter version of FarmVille mobile is in the works. This new, stripped down FarmVille will operate much like Mafia Wars Atlantic City does on mobile devices, offering only a few options.

But that's exactly where you come in. Zynga wants to know which services are worth including, asking everything from the obvious (harvest time updates) to the obscure (acquiring collectibles). The survey even includes a mock-up design (pictured) that looks strikingly similar to Playfish'sMy Empire mobile app.

Speaking freely, you can imagine this isn't exactly what many had in mind when Zynga announced its aggressive approach to mobile. Improved mobile gaming experiences isn't necessarily streamlining--isn't it moving forward? And to strip a game down to its most basic features, albeit in a fancy menu system with fun artwork, is arguably taking a few steps back. But don't be alarmed, folks, as this survey (which you can take here) could easily be a fraction of an idea rather than one that's raring to go.

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[Image Credit: Zynga]

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