Wearing Pantyhose at Work: A Survival Guide

Pantyhose Every woman seems to have an opinion about pantyhose: when you should wear them and when you can get away without them. If you work in an office, what's most appropriate when it comes to pantyhose? AOL Jobs spoke to Dianne Boras, owner of Vada Image Consulting, for some tips on how to pick the right stockings for work.

1.Wear hose that matches your skin tone or just a shade darker. You don't want your pantyhose to add another color to your outfit. If you are really fair, select nude or a light suntan. If you wear black hose, be sure to wear the "sheer black" unless you want them to look like tights.

2. Don't wear stockings with "peep toe" shoes. There is nothing attractive about seeing the seam of your stockings peeking out at the end of your toes.

3. Make sure your stockings fit you comfortably. If they are too tight around the waist, your stockings are going to give you the dreaded "muffin top." Control-top stockings will normally fit you a bit tighter at the waist, so make sure you are not solving one problem and creating another.

4. To create a smooth line with a fitted dress, choose Spanx for your undergarment, and thigh highs for your hose. Thigh highs eliminate the pantyhose line at the waist.

5. Interviews and important business meetings all call for stockings!

6. Be sure your hose are in good shape. Avoid pulls and holes by hanging your stockings to dry. Do not put them in the dryer, where they will undoubtedly get beat up. If your hose start sagging at the ankles, it is definitely time to retire them! There is nothing sexy or sophisticated about nylon wrinkles around your ankles!

7. Don't wear black stockings with your black skirt to work. They are really more "evening wear." Stick to the basic tans for the office.

8. Don't wear white or cream stockings. White or beige stockings are going to add weight to your legs, and shorten your look rather than elongate it. If you're going out on the town, and are putting together an interesting, creative outfit, that's one thing. For the office, again, stick to the basic tans or nude shades.

9. Patterned stockings can be fun and flirty, and add interest to your outfit. Fishnets, however; should NEVER be worn into the office.

10. What about summertime at the office? Do you need to wear stockings? This is really dependent on the culture of your organization. Many companies have a very casual dress code, and stockings wouldn't be necessary.

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