FrontierVille Pet Shop Goals: Everything you need to know

Remember that old puppy you rescued and nursed back to health in FrontierVille? Well, good going, because he told all of his friends about you and now they all expect a home and food. If you associate Spring with all things cute (like myself), Zynga released a brand new building to the game in time for the season: The Pet Shop. Of course, a new series of five Goals is bundled in the content package, so join us behind the break to find out what lies ahead.

*Please keep in mind that you need to be at least Level 20 to begin these Goals. Sorry, newbies.

1. Heavy Petting

  • Place the Pet Shop on your Homestead
  • Tend 20 Geese on your Homestead
  • Hire 2 neighbors

Pet ShopThis first Goal will take some time if you don't have close to 20 Geese, which cost 300 coins a piece. The Pet Shop will cost a measly 100 coins and 20 Wood to place, but we're sure the expenses will come later. To hire your friends, just click on their portrait on the bottom half of the game screen and click "Hire." Follow the on screen instruction, and it's that simple. Finish this Goal for 200 XP and some Chunky Chow.

2. Tell Me About the Rabbits

  • Harvest 20 Wheat on your homestead
  • Harvest 20 Corn on your homestead
  • Collect 15 Flea Powders

This second mission in the series will take some time, for sure. The 20 Wheat will cost you 7,300 coins and take at least 24 hours to harvest, while the 20 Corn will run you 4,500 coins and take at least 12 hours to harvest. So, either way this Goal will take a whole day if you don't have any Boosts. This is fine considering you have to collect 15 Flea Powders by asking your friends through the Goal window. This Goal will reward you with 100 Food and one Goldfish.

3. Sick as a Dog

  • Have or Collect one Chicken Broth
  • Have or Construct one Comforter
  • Collect one Doghouse Daily Bonus

The Chicken Broth is part of the Chicken Collection, so this could take a while, if you're unlucky. The Comforter is crafted in the Chicken Coop using 15 Cloth and one Downy Feather, which can be found as a reward for completing the entire Chicken Coop Collection. So, sit tight on this one it's going to take a while. If you don't have a Doghouse already, you must build one and collect its Daily Bonus once to finish the Goal. Do this and enjoy one more Chunky Chow and a Lizard in Aquarium as your reward.

More Puppies!
4. Animal House

  • Clobber 2 Groundhogs
  • Clobber 2 Snakes
  • Collect 10 Marrow Bones

This Goal could easily be the toughest, especially considering how tough it can be to find Critters at times. Harvest lots of Potatoes for Groundhogs to appear more frequently. As for Snakes, just keep clearing that debris and eventually two will pop up. The 10 Marrow Bones are gifts that you must request from friends, which is something we're all familiar with. This Goal rewards players with 250 XP and a Dog Crate.

5.Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

  • Complete the Pet Shop
  • Purchase a new Puppy in the Pet Shop
  • Get the Puppy to follow you

Finally, it's time to complete the Pet Shop, which you can read all about right here. Then, it's time to buy your first Puppy from the Pet Shop and get it to follow. All of these tips are available in this post. Complete this Goal and receive 250 XP and a Bunny in a Hutch. Enjoy the herd of pets you've just tacked onto your family.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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Have you started these Goals yet? What tips might you have for completing them more quickly? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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