FrontierVille Pet Shop Collection offers Chunky Chow as a reward


Along with the release of the Pet Shop today in FrontierVille, Zynga has also added a new collection to complete. As usual, this collection is named appropriately as the Pet Shop Collection, and you'll be able to earn the five items necessary to complete it by either whacking the frame of the Pet Shop while building it, or by collecting the Daily Bonus from a completed Pet Shop afterwards. Here are the five items to look out for:

Fish Food
Hamster Wheel
Bird Food

Finishing this collection rewards you with a Chunky Chow, the food item that you had to collect back when helping the Old Dog who appeared on our Homesteads a few weeks ago. It's presumable we'll need tons of Chunky Chow in the future, as this item is also awarded via the Pet Shop Goals, so make sure you hold onto this prize in case you need it in the coming days and weeks.

Have you already completed this collection, or are you still trying to build the frame of your Pet Shop? Let us know in the comments.

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