FarmVille creator Mark Pincus stalked by Russian stripper, er... former stripper

Vera SvenchinaBut they didn't meet in a strip club. Business Insider reports that Mark Pincus, CEO and founder of Zynga, filed for a restraining order against Vera Svenchina, an amateur filmmaker and former stripper from Russia. Seriously folks, you can't make this stuff up. According to Business Insider, Pincus filed for the restraining order in San Francisco court in Feb., claiming that Svenchina threatened his wife and children and even visited him personally in his home twice in one week.

Pincus cited several bizarre emails and voice mails across several days in February, in which Svenchina makes insane and offensive claims including Zynga was her Russian family's idea, Google's co-founders killed her father, that Pincus's children are "ugly babies" and that "I wish them all the worst." It was likely easier for the court to grant the restraining order in March after learning that Svenchina was put into a mental ward for 72 hours after she went to Mountain View Police Department in May 2010 to report that Google was sending messages to her brain, ordering her to kill herself.

Pincus claims to have met Svenchina when she was dating a friend of his, Business Insider reports. But a reader submitted a letter to the news website that appears to reveal that Pincus had agreed to invest in one of her independent films (she's a bit of an entrepreneur--just like Mark!). However, a glaring grammatical error towards the ends raises a red flag. Hey, it was only a matter of time before Pincus attracted a stalker--it's one of the few drawbacks of being a billionaire. And at least it's a more... exciting one than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's recent "fan."

[Image Credit: Business Insider]

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