FarmVille Guide: Using the new and improved Gift Box

A time for celebration is here Farmers! The new and improved FarmVille Gift Box that we brought you a sneak peek of a few days ago has officially gone live in the game! If you're still looking at the old Gift Box, just be patience, as the new one will roll around to your account soon.

So, we're all pretty sure that this new Gift Box is great, right? Well, yes, it is great, but it can also take a bit of getting used to. We're here to help you acclimate as quickly as possible, by showing off not only the Gift Box's new layout, but also some entirely new features to the Gift Box that will have you playing the game in a much more streamlined and therefore enjoyable process.

Meet us behind the break for a full look at the new Gift Box in FarmVille.

First and foremost, you haven't lost any items that were in your Gift Box with this new update, so don't fret if things that you know usually appeared on the first page (Nails, Special Delivery Boxes, Watering Cans and the like) no longer appear. If you'd like to find them the old fashioned way, you can still scroll through your pages of items to find them. However, you no longer have to do anything the "old fashioned way" with this new update. Looking specifically for a Mystery Seedling to plant or a Watering Can to help it grow? Simply search for the item by typing its name into the Search box.

Your Gift Box will automatically filter your items with each new letter you type. So, you can stop searching at any time if you'd like, without typing in the whole world of the item you're looking for, as it will likely be showing it to you on the first page after only typing two or three letters. Additionally, you can skip searching (say, if you didn't want to leave Full Screen mode so that you can type), by simply using the tab buttons at the top of the Gift Box to sort your items by type.

For most users, Consumables will likely contain the most items, as you may have stored Nails, Wooden Boards and the like for future building projects. That being the case, you may still have to scroll to new pages to find items even when sorting to just the Consumables tab, making the manual Search feature much more desirable. For all other categories, however, simply choosing the appropriate tab will likely suffice. You can also note that the Wish feature is still about as useless as ever (from my experience anyway).

So, now you're used to navigating the Gift Box. That's great and all, but here's something you might not have come across before now - you now have the ability to sell items in bulk! Yes, that's right - no more clicking twice to sell a single item (once to click on the "Sell" button and a second click to confirm). You'll now be able to click on the Sell button to see a window like the one below, where you can manually input how many of a particular item you'd like to sell, up to your maximum amount currently available. You'll then have to confirm this transaction via another simple click, only to see all of your specified items automatically sold (or deleted) and your profits (if applicable) automatically added to your bank.

I'd be lying if I said this feature shouldn't have been added to the game months ago, just as we were given the option to use more than one Special Delivery Box at a time (as an example), but I digress. This is a case where "better late than never" definitely holds true, and I'll gladly stop complaining. Hopefully, this means that the Storage Menu update will also be released in the very near future. You'll know when it does, as you'll be able to see me dancing in the streets from miles away. Until then, dear Farmers. Until then.

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What do you think of the update to the FarmVille Gift Box? Did you like it the way it was, or will you willingly accept these (awesome and needed) changes? Let us know in the comments.
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