CityVille: Sign up for daily emails offering free energy, crew members and more


While most other Zynga games already offer a daily email rewards program, offering you items like free fuel in FarmVille or free energy in FrontierVille, the developer has launched a similar email system in CityVille, allowing users to be rewarded daily just for playing the game (and for giving Zynga permission to email you).

There's a catch here though - a good one, at that. Instead of being sent a random item, or just a single item that doesn't change everyday, you'll be able to choose your reward via the pop-up menu above, that you'll see when logging into the game itself. From there, just choose whether you'd like to receive free Energy, crew for one of your buildings, a building ingredient, or even a mystery item.

It doesn't seem as though you'll be locked into that choice though, as Zynga has shown off an image stating that you'll be given the option to choose yet again when receiving your email. If this does turn out to be the case, you'll be able to choose one price on Monday, a different prize for Tuesday, and so on and so forth depending on your current needs at the time. It's a nice setup, to be sure, but it only helps to further confirm that we're apparently stuck with the energy system the way it is, whether we like it or not.

What do you think? Which of these prizes will you most likely choose as your daily reward? Let us know in the comments.