Bert Kreischer, The World's Worst Hotel Guest?

How would you react if you walked into a hotel room and saw a pair of legs poking out from under the bed? A Travel Channel television host has taken it upon himself to frighten house keeping services at hotels by "redecorating" rooms. Might he actually be the world's worst hotel guest?

Comedian and actor Bert Kreischer, who hosts Bert the Conqueror, has been surprising hotel maids by re-arranging common hotel room items and other props into creepy art forms. The American TV personality tells an Australian news site,, his goal is to leave each room in a "semi-disturbing manner."

Some of Kreischer's creations include toilet paper formed into the outline of a body (a la a crime scene), a toilet made to look like a snake with fangs dripping with blood, and a giant dog made from towels and linens.

He's also stuffed a shirt to make it look like a torso was being kept in a mini-fridge, used clothes to make it appear like a man was hiding underneath a food cart, and left a sheet dangling out of a hotel room window to make it seem as if someone has escaped.

Kreischer then posts photos of his creepy creations on Twitter, asking followers to come up with captions.

But what might be even more disturbing is that Kreischer says his escapades began in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas in order to draw attention away from what is really going on in his hotel room.

"I realized that if a maid was insightful enough she could tell exactly what I had done in my hotel room and she might think less of me," Kreischer tells the news outlet.

"So I tried to throw her off my trail by putting an ironing board in the bathroom next to a pillow encrusted toilet ... and that started it all."

Kreischer did not divulge exactly what goes on behind closed doors in hotels, or if he's ever had to foot a bill for defacing property. He also says he has not heard how hotel staff react to his makeovers, but always makes sure to compensate them for their trouble.

"I am long gone by the time anyone from the hotel sees my 'art,' but I always leave a generous tip and never destroy anything or create anything that would be a hassle to put back together in a matter of seconds."

So which hotels are the most fun to play around in? Kreischer tells the website that: "Hyatts and Hiltons offer the most amount of stuff in the room for you to create with... Holiday Inns and Red Roof Ins a pretty bare bones and you end op having to go into your suit case for props, but mostly all the props are the same... which makes it tough to come up with new ones."

At least for now, it seems like Kreischer will be continuing his hotel hijinks. "Just so you know: I bought 100 feet of parachute military cord & a survival knife this weekend...hotel catastrophes are a fear no more," announced the prankster on his Twitter feed on Tuesday.

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