7 Deadly Retirement Savings Sins

Retirement funds
Retirement funds

This is not going to be another one of the endless string of depressing and discouraging articles on how ill-prepared you are for your golden years. About how you don't have enough in your retirement savings accounts. About how you should have started sooner rather than later planning for retirement.

Yes, it's true that many Americans have simply ignored the fact that with the end of most pensions and the threats to Social Security, we're pretty much on our own in retirement. And surveys show that the average American has just $25,000 in the retirement kitty -- not even close to good enough.

We're in trouble, but we're going to help you fix it. It's simply not too late to bulk up your retirement savings if you act now!

Get started by learning the seven deadly retirement sins to avoid at all costs -- or a hellish retirement of scrimping and stress may be in your future.