Zynga fans make up 40 percent of all Facebook users

Zynga MoneyEven if you're that guy to your friends--you know, who spammed his friends with FarmVille updates all last year--you're apparently far from alone. Social Times has done a little math work based on a Jan. 2011 estimate by Business Insider claiming that there are 600 million Facebook users to find that 40 percent of those 600 million are not just Facebook gamers, but Zynga gamers. The fact that Zynga has the minds of almost 300 million Facebook users puts the company in a great position of power.

If Zynga doesn't like something that Facebook does or says, the company could simply take those paying customers away. Customers who, as of July, will account for a huge portion of Facebook's revenue through the mandatory Facebook Credits change.

In other words, because the social network wants to make a few bucks from the lucrative gaming companies that have arrived on their stoop, the ball is now in their court, namely Zynga's. That is, if players would actually follow Zynga out the door.

In fact, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has made it clear before that a platform agnostic Zynga is something he is not only considering, but working toward. A large portion of Facebook users likely only log into Facebook to play on their dedicated Zynga accounts, so for Facebook to lose Zynga would be to lose millions if not billions of dollars down the line.

In short, it would be wise for Facebook to play nice with Zynga if it wants the developer to endure the 30 percent cut Facebook takes on its virtual goods. This much bargaining power over one of the globe's most popular and profitable corporations should be alarming. Zynga could change the very face of Facebook if it wanted to, holding the power of nearly 300 million potential customers in one hand and the doorknob in the other.

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Do you think Zynga would ever consider leaving if Facebook made a disagreeable decision? Does Zynga really have the power to effect Facebook's profitability? Better yet, would you follow if Zynga left? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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